Welcome to Tim Tam

Mother of two little boys and recently a little girl, I have from my 1 st motherhood was very disappointed in the few cases due to the health of our children in the business of child care: bisphenol in baby bottles, oil and chemicals in disposable diapers, carcinogenic phthalate residues in children’s clothing and so on …

Tim Tam Nature

I decided to raise my children differently and it is only natural that after my 2nd baby, this desire to share my principles and my values ​​pushed me to create Tim-Tam Nature: An online store for Natures Babies dedicated to parents attentive to ecology and the environment for greater respect for the health of their little ones.

We can easily feel concerned by the ecological debate, but how can we overcome prejudices or the lack of information when we are not offered a really clear and precise explanation?

It is in this search for clarity that the site was designed. Great importance has been given to navigability, the quality of information, and support for parents in search of something more natural. Novices needed to be able to find information quickly, with very detailed product sheets, a complete and downloadable Washable Diapers User Guide , as well as a multi-criteria search tool that you will find in the right column of the store.

We will also be selling two key products of real interest and benefit for humanity, in my opinion. The first is a cutting edge nano silver supplement, and the second is a phytoplankton powder by a wonderful company Health Factory. The last is the epic supergreens powder by Phytality.

At a time when ecological concerns are at the heart of debates, each person can act, according to their means, by applying already existing solutions. Small, simple gestures that are easy to integrate into your daily life.

The universe of toddlers offers many possibilities. Simple habits to take, while pampering your baby, sharing with him, creating a unique bond.

Since its opening in January 2010, Tim-Tam Nature has continued to develop thanks to you, which allows us every month to offer you more and more options and references. I take this page to thank you for your always enriching advice and for the confidence you have placed in us, order after order.